EXTRAS (for teachers and librarians)


For Teachers, Librarians, Writer Groups, and Book Groups
I have spoken on a variety of topics to school groups from grade six through college seniors as well as writers and community groups. If you are interested in scheduling a personal or Skype visit with your group or conference, please contact me by email: liz (at) lizcoley (dot) com to discuss rates, book orders/signing, and availability.

Talks for larger audiences can include:

"The care and feeding of dreams"
[in which I make the inspirational case that dreams are like guinea pigs]

"Mission in motion: Brand on the Run"
[a more detailed look at my path along the way to becoming a writer]

Talks that might work better in the more intimate classroom/workshop setting include:

On writing craft

"Novel Beginnings: the best opening is a window"
[the principles of strong beginnings - has a classroom exercise]

“Revision: Making your words shine”
[a little dry for younger kids, but practical! - has a classroom exercise and useful handouts]

"It takes two sticks"
[where ideas come from]

"Hearing voices"
[about drawing realistic and individual characters]

On the business of becoming a writer:

"Six C's: C what it takes (to become a published fiction author)"
[a realistic pep talk]

“The Wall: a 10-year journey to overnight success"
[another take on my experience]

On self-publishing as an option:

"Hybrid Vigor (traditional and self-publishing): Myth or Reality"
[teaches a lot about how the publishing biz works]

"How-to NaNoWriMo"
[a kickoff if a teacher is planning on taking a class through the process]

"Getting started in self-publishing"
[very nuts and bolts for people who are ready to try it]

More suggested presentations for writer groups (older target audience):

"On Retreat"
“Self-publishing: The road becoming more traveled, and how to avoid the nails"

Of course, a workshop or presentation can be developed for your specific needs and goals.


(Feel free to download these PDFs)

Pretty Girl-13 DISCUSSION GUIDE (with spoilers)

E Pluribus Unum: A Brief Introduction to DID by Liz Coley

GRAMMAR RANT #1: Lay down your pen and get this right! (Correct use of LIE/LAY)

GRAMMAR RANT #2: Are you going to listen to I? (Correct use of subject/object personal pronouns)

GRAMMAR RANT #3: Drink, Drank, Drunk • Sink, Sank, Sunk (Correct use of irregular verb tenses)

GRAMMAR RANT #4: The thing is, is that you only need one IS!

EDITING CLEAN (A checklist/tip sheet for final manuscript editing for submission)